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Current Favorites ... (Summer 2005)

Who has time to read books, when a new film festival bursts on the San Francisco scene every month, there are all these new Shaw studio classics releases to wade through, and -- ohmygod -- my local foreign language TV station (KTSF) has started running Chinese wuxia serials with English subtitles? But I will recommend all of the finalists for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Awards (winner to be announced in August during the Tolkien 2005 conference in Birmingham, England). And a new web page section with a list -- which just keeps getting longer -- of books on Asian film should be up sometime soon. Promise!

So I'm off to the UK, just when WKW's 2046 is finally getting its American release. Sheesh. Hopefully this is playing somewhere in London, or I'll be able to catch it still in theatres on my return home. Meanwhile:



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