Spectacular Worlds Tour: FIDM 10th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit

 Blood and Silk: Costume in Hong Kong Cinema

 Couching Tigers, Beading Dragons: Oscars 2001

 FIDM Exhibit: Hollywood 2000

 When Costumes Collide ('50s-'60s Science Fiction)

 Summer 2000 Feature: The Hollywood Wayback Machine

 FIDM Exhibit: Hollywood 2000

 Tube Tops: Costume Design for Television

 Attack of the 66th Oscars

 Costume in the Movies: 1992

 Outlaw Chic: Costume in Robin Hood Films

 Dressed to Kill: Costume in Xena: Warrior Princess (September 1999 issue of Whoosh!)

 Politics and Petticoats: The 18th Century in Film

 Oscars '99: All the World's a Stage

 Costuming the Emmas by Kali Pappas

 You can still visit Otherworldly Outfitters, our SF/F film costume booth for Hallowe'en 1998's SCIFI.CON 3.0.

 Dressing the Part: Costume in Three Jane Austen Film Adaptations by Jennie Chancey

 Exhibit Review: Titanic On Tour

 Oscars '98: Best and Worst Dressed Awards

 Oscars '98: Elegance Abounds

 Oscars '97: Independents Day?

 Adventures in Movie Costume Lust

 Costumes from Out of This World

 Costumers Swoon at Fall Film Feast!

 1991 Cinema Costume: An Opinionated Review

 More to come...

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