Costume MetaSites:
  • The Costume Page
    Maintained by award-winning Seattle costumer Julie Zetterberg, this comprehensive index of over 3,000 links includes historical, ethnic, science fiction/fantasy, theatrical and other resources.
  • The Costumer's Manifesto
    Over 300 pages, mainly devoted to costume; includes specialty links (the sections on 17th, 18th, and 19th century costume are quite comprehensive), a how-to book for designers, free web graphics, and more.
  • Milieux: The Costume Site
    Online costuming sources for historical, science fiction and fantasy costumers. A meta-list of links to all types of costume-related web sites.
  • The Costume Gallery Website
    Another great resource on costume and fashion, run by Penny Ladnier, contains information on costume designers, fun events, and an on-line library for research.
Costume and Film:
  • Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
    Located in downtown Los Angeles, FIDM supports resource and research facilities for the study of fashion and its related industries. Their museum collection of over 3,500 pieces includes an historical collection of Hollywood costumes. Each spring the gallery hosts "The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design" exhibit featuring costumes, sketches, posters, films and memorabilia from the previous year's best films.
  • Men With Big Hair: The Costume Movie Site
    Part of The Costumer's Manifesto web, University of Alaska professor and designer Tara Maginnis provides an extensive collection of links to film sites, as well as other information on those extreme costume movies we all love. Vote for your favorite costume movie!
  • American Film Institute
    Devoted to film preservation, AFI hosts a web site with news and institute events, along with articles, interviews, and even virtual screening of classic films. Visit the "showcase" section for an extensive interview with Hollywood's legendary costume designer Edith Head, reprinted from the May 1978 issue of American Film magazine.
General Movie Information
  • Internet Movie Database
    The most comprehensive film site on the web, with a searchable database of information on films, actors, crew, awards, and just about anything else imaginable. Go here for a complete list of Academy Award winners for Costume Design, with a complete filmography for each designer.
  • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
    Official AMPAS and Oscar page, with a searchable database, schedule of Academy events, and information on the annual awards ceremonies.
  • Alex Fung's Film Page
    Has the most complete and best-updated compilation of award listings on the web, as well as lots of movie reviews and Oscar-related information.
  • Hollywood Online
    A good general movie site, with all the usual news, interviews, and other goodies. Where Hollywood Online shines is with its regular short "roundtable" columns and occasional articles on various aspects of film production.
  • Aint It Cool News
    Movie fanatic Harry Knowles' now-infamous site: a great source of early reviews from test screenings or festivals, as well as the latest movie news and gossip.
  • Corona's Coming Attractions
    Up-to-date information on new and upcoming movies, in a searchable database which categorizes films by various stages of development (from rumored to released) and by genre. Includes production and cast information, when available, and updates regularly. A great resource!
  • Dark Horizons
    Another good source of movie news, with well-organized sections on release schedules of major upcoming films.
Studio Web Sites

Sites for current releases are all over the web, but what if you need some information on an older or classic film? Most of the time, you're out of luck, unless some diligent fan has maintained a shrine to their favorite movie. (Try your favorite search engine to dig these up.) Some studios maintain larger databases for their releases, however, which may be of help:
  • A&E Television
    A&E has been showing some of the best original historicals of late. Their site contains lots of information on the Hornblower movies, the three new Scarlet Pimpernel films, the recent Vanity Fair production, and more. Worth checking out!
  • MGM
    The MGM site is mainly designed to provide information on newer releases and films in production, but it also has some interesting background articles and images from some of the studio's classic films.
  • Sony Movies Archives
    Scroll down the index on this Sony Movies Archives Site for links to information on new and older film releases. The First Knight section has costume sketches from designer Nana Cecchi. Information on Jean-Paul Gaultier is included with The Fifth Element. Other films have rather sparse entries, though...
Web Sites for Specific Films/Genres
  • Individual Film Web Site Links
    Most official studio movie sites have photographic stills from the films, which may illustrate the costume and set designs. A very few also provide more details, such as production notes, interviews with costume designers, even costume sketches.
  • Shakespeare in Love
    Miramax celebrates the film's Costume Design and other awards with a write-up on designer Sandy Powell and a nice selection of stills combining sketches with the actual garments as worn by the actors.
  • Titanic
    Sketches of a dozen costumes from Oscar-winning designer Deborah Lynn Scott, supplementing a large collection of photos, production details, audio interviews and video clips. A huge site, well worth a visit.
  • Restoration
    Not an official site, but Open Book Systems has collaborated with Miramax to set up educational sites for various films. This site for Restoration, winner of the Academy Award for Costume Design in 1995, concentrates on such themes as politics, religion, marriage and medicine. OK, not costume, but it's got more meat than most film sites!
  • For Ever After
    A site dedicated to the film Ever After, including many images, sounds, multimedia, cast, crew, and much more. Lots of information on the film's costumes (and those shoes!), plus some great general resources for Renaissance and fairy tale costumes.
  • Jane Austen's Novels: BBC and Other Film/Video Adaptations
    Part of the "Republic of Pemberley" site ("Your haven in a world programmed to misunderstand obsession with things Austen"), with lots of information on the many film versions of Jane Austen's novels. Videos are available for most of these, and many, if not all, have great Regency costuming!
  • The Cleopatra Costume on Stage and in Film
    C. David Claudon's extensive web essay on various portrayals of the Egyptian queen includes a wealth of historical background information, illustrated with sketches (black-ahd-white and color) by the author, as well as reviews of various film and stage productions and an impressive bibliography.
  • Yer Piratical Movie Guide
    Captain Ned Slaye lists an impressive number of pirate movies (rated by number of skulls, of course) and other resources. Arrrr!

Please e-mail me if you know of a site that should be added to this list!

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