Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

With limitless funds and technology to hand, Star Wars creator George Lucas has gone all-out in developing new cultures for his highly-anticipated first episode of the saga, The Phantom Menace. In particular, Queen Amidala, leader of the Naboo, has been graced with a wardrobe of incredible costumes that will fuel SF masquerades for years to come (not to mention causing some killer headaches!). Even the more utilitarian Jedi outfits offer a variety of interpretations for costumers. Here's where to get a closer look:

Costume Photos/Sketches

 Vogue Magazine
    The April issue features an article by Hamish Bowles on costume designer Trisha Biggar's creations for Queen Amidala, with a gorgeous photo spread.
 The Phantom Menace Scrapbook by Ryder Windham
    Photo-intensive overview of the film, including characters, sets, cultures, costumes, creatures and technology. Includes a short piece on costume design and color sketches of the Queen's wardrobe.
    (LucasBooks/Random House, ISBN 0-375-80008-5, $7.99 pb)
 Heroes and Villains Coloring Book
    Although aimed at younger children, the line drawings of all of the film's characters are quite useful for working out costume designs. (LucasBooks/Random House, ISBN 0-375-80021-2, $2.99 pb)
 Queen Amidala's Paper Doll Book
    Two punch-out dolls and eight of the Queen's gowns; nice detail.
    (LucasBooks/Random House, ISBN 0-375-80020-4, $3.99 pb)

Other References

 Just about every news and entertainment magazine has at least one spread on the film. Take your choice!

 Star Wars: The Magic of Myth by Mary Henderson
Catalog from the recent Star Wars exhibit at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum contains a wealth of information on the earlier trilogy.
(Bantam Spectra, 1997, ISBN 0-553-37810-4, $24.95 pb)


 Episode 1: The official Phantom Menace site. Not intuitive to navigate; some images but no costume sketches (at least that I've found...). Good starting point for finding info on the Star Wars films and universe. Mainly a Natalie Portman collectibles page; has some photos of the character's costumes.

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Updated 16 May 1999

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