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Anyone not living in a '50s bomb shelter knows how popular James Cameron's film about the 1912 maritime disaster has become. In addition to winning eleven Oscars and being the all-time box office winner, Titanic has generated increasing interest in the history and styles of this early twentieth century period. Here are some costume-related tidbits, articles and links:

 The Titanic on Tour exhibit that travelled around the U.S. Paramount Parks sites this fall has moved to Europe for a 3 year run.

Titanic On Tour

Here's a review!

 Oscar Costumes on Exhibit

A review of the Spring 1998 FIDM "Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit" including a half-dozen costumes from the award-winning Titanic, as well as an overview of all of the Oscar nominees on display.

 Titanic Costume Photos

Photos of the Titanic costumes from the FIDM exhibit, taken by Zelda Gilbert of the Costumers' Guild West. Also photos of actual period garments, from the FIDM collection. Thanks, Zelda!!

 Titanic on Tour Exhibit Photos

 Costume Reproductions and Patterns
 Rose DeWitt Bukater dolls

 Perioid Makeup

The Tina Earnshaw collection is now available from Max Factor. Inspired by the epic blockbuster, lipsticks and nail enamels created by the Oscar-nominated Titanic make-up designer come in six romantic shades: Exhilarated, Rebellious, Heartbroken, Passionate, Liberated and Independent.

 Titanic: The Video

Titanic was released on video September 1, 1998, in both standard and widescreen versions (of course you want widescreen!). Price is around $20 for either from Reel.com. (They are also now offering previously-viewed copies at $7.99 each.)

 New Images Sources

A 1999 Titanic calendar from HarperCollins may still be available in bookstores. The illustrated screenplay is now also available. Both include some nice photo shots of the film's costumes.

 The Titanic Index

Here's a genuine service to web surfers -- Karla Massimo's meta-list of links to Titanic sites, including web rings, organized by category.

 Official Titanic Web Site

The official film site includes sketches of a dozen costumes from Oscar-winning designer Deborah Lynn Scott, supplementing a large collection of photos, production details, audio interviews and video clips. A huge site, well worth a visit.

Updated 12 September 1999
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